Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love story~ 1

Actually i lazy 1 2 write my love story..
It's secret.. But she 1 2 read.. Heixx...
Duno since whn, I strt knw him... N I of course support him bcox he is a Malaysian.. Of course la..
Duno since whn, I strt lik him.. I think his face was attracted me.. Funny face... N handsome...
N duno since whn, I strt luv him.. I think is strt on 20 Dec 2010 bcox sumthing tat was attracted me.. 4 mor information, nex time plez... Sorry arh~


  1. Frm up: Badminton plyer frm Malaysia..
    Down: haha..

  2. KKK , +U ,...
    siow, dnt jealous,..i juz like my yoseob ok!!
    hahahahaha, u angry me bout i wan read ur love story??? sorry sorry, huhuuuu!

  3. no leh.. i actually lazy 1 2 wrote la