Monday, May 16, 2011

Teacher's day 2011~ 16 May

Thx u teacher bcox of teaching us.. Thx much...
Let me do a conclusion of today..
My conclusion is....
Today i went 2 school lik normal.. Nothing was happen.. Okahyh.. Best.. Assembly also lik normal, at hall.. but thre was different, it's it take a long time.. Teacher's got their activities, lik singing, berikrar, card giving n ..... After tat, the games was strt.. Me, Qin Zi, Diyana, Annira (KKK's familiy members) n my frens were helping teacher 2 do works, lik record the mark they gained.. The time gone very fast, suddenly it ady 11.00a.m. n was recess time.. Thx my teacher, En. Diauddin bcox belanja us.. thx o, teacher.. Then continue by presentation frm student of each class... It's an enjoyable time... My feelings r hard 2 explain.. Huhhh.. Thx much 2 all the teachers tat teach us hardly.. I'll do my best!! Yay! Woohoo~

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